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CCA Reference Cards

Posted by kelvSYC on 1-11-2013

Commands and Colors (from GMT Games) is one of the games that I play from time to time.  I have all but one of the Commands and Colors series, and it is one of the games that takes up a lot of shelf space.

But while Memoir ’44 and BattleLore have reference cards that help remind you of various rules, I find that Commands & Colors: Ancients lacks these cards, which often proves useful.  In 2010, during the MobileMe era, as part of the reasonably obscure “Board Game Tools”, I posted a draft of the reference cards.  Since then, there has been a major expansion to the game, though I haven’t really played the game since then.

Since there is demand for it, Revision 3 of the CCA Reference Cards is available for download here.

If I ever play the game again, I’ll probably make a nicer Revision 4.


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