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Kelvin’s Mega Civilization Tool

Posted by kelvSYC on 6-12-2016

Wow, it’s been two years since I’ve made any post here, and almost three since I’ve made anything related to games.  Well, the wait is over… sort of.  If you’re looking for a new version of the Catan Scenario and Variant Guide – nope.  That’s still a while off (for reasons I will get into later).

Today, I’m going to introduce a quick and dirty tool for Mega Civilization.  This tool merely keeps track of the Civilization Advances you have researched in the game, as well as the costs of purchasing any advances that you have not yet researched.  It also keeps a victory point count of all of your researched advances.

Note: costs do not reflect additional credits that are granted by Monument or Written Record, if researched.

This tool is provided as-is, and isn’t really licensed: it’s really too trivial of a coding project to do that.  Feel free to fork and improve the code as you wish.

The code is available at  This is an SBT project, but SBT is really only needed to compile; “sbt assemble” will produce an executable jar that you can use.

(This code is basically there for me to get familiar with Scala and SBT – if you are a BGG user, you might want to go with Laz’s Mega Civilization Advances-Credits Active Game Aid and Score Sheet, which is more comprehensive and useful in gameplay.  That Excel workbook will properly consider your cards in hand and makes for a better aid in your purchasing decisions.)


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