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Diary: Scenario Guide – Update 3

Posted by kelvSYC on 7-2-2017

Work on the Scenario Guide has slowed a bit, and it’s mostly on drawing diagrams, since it’s not trivial work.  Here’s what’s changing about diagrams in general:

  • In general, any scenario that requires a frame will have its frame included as part of the diagram.  No more double standards of why the hard-printed hexes on the 3rd edition frame are omitted while the hard-printed hexes on the 4th edition frame are included.  I haven’t decided on what to do for scenarios that don’t use a frame, since I haven’t worked on any of those yet.
  • All diagrams will have a maximum size of 12cm by 9cm as printed on the page.  As a side note, that means that almost every diagram will be shrunk from its original size.  The net benefit of this is that I should be able to neatly fit two diagrams on every page, unlike previous editions where I wasted a ton of space because a single setup took up 55% of one page and the next setup could not fit in the remaining 45%.
  • The exception to the above may be in things like Catan Geographies scenarios or the like, where there is no expectation that it can be reproduced using hexes or somesuch.  (Again, I haven’t started work on those.)

So far, I’ve gotten all of Explorers & Pirates completed, two scenarios in Seafarers, and about half of the setups in “T&B Ultimate”.  If you are wondering what that is, it’s a new scenario in the new edition of the Guide, which there are 37 diagrams – 18 for 3-4 player games and 19 for 5-6 player games.  You can download the full rules on the Catan website, but since the instructions there are geared towards having an international set, I’ve had to make some adjustments to accommodate the setups for an English language set.  This isn’t easy for the 18 non-introductory 5-6 player setups, partly because of the fact that while all of the frame pieces are labeled, they are labeled with numbers running in the wrong direction.  (If you assemble the frame properly, the numbers on the frame should run clockwise; in the instructions, they run counterclockwise.)  Because of this, and the fact that the board is a bit rotationally asymmetric (due to the fact that there are eight fishing grounds, two frame extensions with harbors, and the barbarian castle hex), it makes creating a concise diagram difficult.

Hopefully I will be able to post a preview chapter sooner rather than later.  The work to be done is still daunting, since carving out the space for diagrams alone (without actual diagrams) has made me realize that the final Guide will be more than 350 pages in length (without the Bonus Section)…


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