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Kelvin’s Mega Civilization Tool

Posted by kelvSYC on 6-12-2016

Wow, it’s been two years since I’ve made any post here, and almost three since I’ve made anything related to games.  Well, the wait is over… sort of.  If you’re looking for a new version of the Catan Scenario and Variant Guide – nope.  That’s still a while off (for reasons I will get into later).

Today, I’m going to introduce a quick and dirty tool for Mega Civilization.  This tool merely keeps track of the Civilization Advances you have researched in the game, as well as the costs of purchasing any advances that you have not yet researched.  It also keeps a victory point count of all of your researched advances.

Note: costs do not reflect additional credits that are granted by Monument or Written Record, if researched.

This tool is provided as-is, and isn’t really licensed: it’s really too trivial of a coding project to do that.  Feel free to fork and improve the code as you wish.

The code is available at  This is an SBT project, but SBT is really only needed to compile; “sbt assemble” will produce an executable jar that you can use.

(This code is basically there for me to get familiar with Scala and SBT – if you are a BGG user, you might want to go with Laz’s Mega Civilization Advances-Credits Active Game Aid and Score Sheet, which is more comprehensive and useful in gameplay.  That Excel workbook will properly consider your cards in hand and makes for a better aid in your purchasing decisions.)


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The Pokémon ROM

Posted by kelvSYC on 6-14-2014

Those of you who do know of Synalyze It! also know that you can download existing fully published grammars.  Through the painstaking process of reverse engineering, I’ve been using it to compile a grammar for the Pokémon Generation III games for the Game Boy Advance.

This grammar ONLY works with the US release ROMs, but they do work on all five games (Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, LeafGreen, and Emerald).  The development of this grammar in particular has been extremely influential in the development of Synalyze It! as well; a number of things in this grammar were simply not possible in earlier versions of the program.  (I’ve had Synalyze It! since version 1.0.3, and things have changed a lot since then.)

This Pokémon ROM grammar has probably led to some help in exposing bugs and the development or better understanding of certain features:

  • Modelling discriminated unions
  • Offset to array scripts
  • Null-terminated array scripts
  • Scripting element scoping (after there was a bug found in the above script)
  • Zero-length scripting elements (though it doesn’t appear in this version of the grammar)
  • A crapton of bugs relating to structure inheritance (often times, the RS, FRLG, and Emerald versions of the data structure have subtle differences, and sometimes the inheritance from a common structure doesn’t work as expected…)
  • A crapton of bugs relating to structure alignment

And that’s only from the emails that I’ve been able to dig up.

In any event, this is the latest version of the file.  Changelists after the break.

Download the Pokémon ROM Grammar here!

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CCA Reference Cards

Posted by kelvSYC on 1-11-2013

Commands and Colors (from GMT Games) is one of the games that I play from time to time.  I have all but one of the Commands and Colors series, and it is one of the games that takes up a lot of shelf space.

But while Memoir ’44 and BattleLore have reference cards that help remind you of various rules, I find that Commands & Colors: Ancients lacks these cards, which often proves useful.  In 2010, during the MobileMe era, as part of the reasonably obscure “Board Game Tools”, I posted a draft of the reference cards.  Since then, there has been a major expansion to the game, though I haven’t really played the game since then.

Since there is demand for it, Revision 3 of the CCA Reference Cards is available for download here.

If I ever play the game again, I’ll probably make a nicer Revision 4.

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Welcome to my Random Collection

Posted by kelvSYC on 6-4-2012

So, welcome to the Random Collection.  It’s my corner of the internet, where I post stuff on projects that I do in my spare time.

While you are here, why don’t you help out my cheap shilling of stuff?  Let’s all help each other with our cloud storage options and sign up for these services on the right.  (If you have an account with a service not listed there, and they offer referrals, tell me all about it and give me your referral link!)

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