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Catan Scenario and Variant Guide Live

Posted by kelvSYC on 1-5-2013

As of this initial posting (January 5, 2013), it’s been over a calendar year since I’ve published Revision 13 of the Catan Scenario and Variant Guide.  (Back then, it was hosted on MobileMe, which has long faded from history.)  Since then, there have been, in the world of Catan, six new promotional scenarios, two new full scenarios, the announcement of a fourth new full expansion (Explorers and Pirates), and half a page worth of changes in the Revision 14 changelist, and many many more changes that I haven’t really gotten around to.  I’ve had major changes to the document that I’ve been editing the Guide in (the bloated size meant that editing was difficult, and I’ve had to convert the document from Word to Pages and back to Word again, effectively having to rewrite the entire Guide from scratch three times.  Not to mention redoing all of the graphics each time…)

So now what?  Are these changes catching up to me?  Is the Guide dead?  In a sense, yes and no.  Revision 13 will likely be the last “print edition” we will see in some time.  Meanwhile, over the coming months I’ll be taking apart my Revision 14 document and posting them up, piece by piece, as individual posts here in the Random Collection.  This effort we now dub as the Live Edition.

I’ve had incredibly good feedback for the print edition based on the many GeekMails I’ve received on BoardGameGeek; some have printed the entire multiple hundreds of pages into hand-bound books, others have used my colouring scheme for their own homemade sets and such.  One of these days the Guide will be available in print (i.e. as a PDF available for free download), but the Live Edition should have more frequent updates.

This guide will always be freely available, since it’s not really “my content”, but I encourage you, the reader, to fully support the world of Catan and buy their games, apps, and such.  The policies of the print edition still carries over to the Live Edition: only official scenarios and variants, and nothing too new unless it’s limited release.

So stay tuned to the Random Collection, as we upload the old and the new, one piece at a time.

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CCG/Rivals Guide to Miscellany R7

Posted by kelvSYC on 8-2-2012

As you may or may not know, the Guide to Miscellany was also hosted on my old site on MobileMe.  So, I’d better move this to the Random Collection as well.

The Scenario and Variant Guide and the Guide to Miscellany are always released together; whenever there’s an update for one I’ll usually post an update for the other at the same time.

CCG/Rivals Guide to Miscellany R7

Just like the Scenario and Variant Guide, the discussion point is what you would think of porting this over as a series of blog postings.  Comments are always welcome!

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Catan Scenario and Variant Guide R13

Posted by kelvSYC on 8-2-2012

As you may or may not know, the Catan Scenario and Variant Guide used to be hosted on my old site on MobileMe.  Between MobileMe shutting down and me physically moving to a new place, that meant that the Guide was orphaned… for now.

Well, wait no longer.  The Guide is now hosted on the Random Collection!  For now, I’ll repost the latest edition from the old MobileMe site; I promise that R14 will definitely be coming…

Catan Scenario and Variant Guide R13

Meanwhile, now that the Random Collection is the new home of the Guide, in addition to R14, there are plans to upload everything piece by piece as a series of blog posts that I will edit as a “live version” of sorts.  As a discussion point, what do you all think of this?

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Welcome to my Random Collection

Posted by kelvSYC on 6-4-2012

So, welcome to the Random Collection.  It’s my corner of the internet, where I post stuff on projects that I do in my spare time.

While you are here, why don’t you help out my cheap shilling of stuff?  Let’s all help each other with our cloud storage options and sign up for these services on the right.  (If you have an account with a service not listed there, and they offer referrals, tell me all about it and give me your referral link!)

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